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His Eminence meditated his answer with muck deliberation, "The first principle is that there is only One God. That was Muhamrned's chief message. That is the message which God had given the Prophets (Moses and Christ) before Muhammed was given it also. Muhammed repeated this message to the Jews and Christians as a call to their priests to be united, whereas he found them at loggerheads.
"The belief in the oneness of a creating God who has no partner; a God who alone is to be glorified and worshipped, and who needs no mediation between Him and the people wnom He created. Prophets and apostles are only intermediaries who communicate His laws and orders, and who call upon people to obey and worship Him. He is the only One whose succour is sought for the relief of shortcomings, and none other is to be appealed to for forgiveness or solicited in time of need. The Lord (be He exalted!) saith:
" 'Neither invoke, besides Allah, that which can neither profit thee nor hurt thee; for, if thou do, thou wilt then certainly become one of the unjust,' and:
" *If Allah should afflict thee with misfortune, then there is none to lift it but He; and if He willeth thee any good, there is none to stop his favour; He will bestow His grace on whomsoever He pleaseth among His servants, and He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.'"
"What does Your Eminence understand by the idea of the soul?"
"The Quran does not define the word, so tl e Heads of Islam have entertained different opinions about it at different times. Such opinions may TDC studied intellectually; but they must not be added to the Quran., the Inspired Book. Yet we believe, of course, in the Day of Judgment for every soul, when the righteous shall reap their reward and ill-doers shall receive their punishment, establishing thereby the foundation of a moral sense. Thus saith Allah:
" 'And whomsoever doth an atom's weight of good shall be recompensed for- it; and whomsoever doth an atom's weight of evil shall be punished for it.'"
"In what way did Muhammed differ from the Prophets sent by God?"
"The Prophet Muhammed did not differ from other Prophets since they were all chosen by the Lord to deliver His message